Thank You to Our Living Games Conference Partners

Living Games Conference is a crossroads of many different communities who come together once every two years to talk, play, and learn. In 2016, our theme was Sharing Insights. This year the theme is Our Full Potential.

To help us find the full potential of larp, we’ve reached out to a variety of communities and organizations to offer them a group discount for their members to join us. We welcome you to contact us if your group would like to partner with us, too.

Thank you to our many partners!!!!

Sponsoring Partners

New England Interactive Literature and Intercon

Imagine Nation Collective

Northeastern University, College of Arts, Media and Design

Our Partners

Boston Festival of Indie Games Talks

Comicazi & Ladies of Comicazi

Dreamation and Double Exposure

The Gauntlet RPG Podcast Community

JiffyCon Community

Knight Moves

Northeastern University

UMass Amherst

Valley Nerd Watch

The Wayfinder Experience

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