Second Round of Keynote Descriptions for Living Games 2018!

At Living Games, we are honored to feature a diverse group of keynoters from a variety of different larp and experiential entertainment backgrounds. Here are just a few of the descriptions of the keynotes you can expect to enjoy at the conference:

Quinn Milton and Sadia Bies

“Imagining our Social Future” 

photo of Quinn Milton outside with trees photo of Sadia Bies with doubling effect

At the intersection of larp and science fiction is the opportunity to imagine our social future. Moreso than other future-oriented media, the embodiment in larp lets us experience alternate social contracts, identity, and expression. Event Horizon is a series of stand-alone larps set in one sci-fi universe, featuring cooperative play, integrated technology, a range of themes, and real science! The best science fiction explores what it means to be human, and at the edges of humanity we encounter queerness and otherness. Our hypothesis? Robots are gay. So is Mars. Join us for the Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism Agenda.

Jonaya Kemper

“Destroying the Mythical Norm: A Call for Intersectional Larp Design and Play”

photo of Jonaya KemperAs Larp moves towards the mainstream and is placed in the global arena, we have begun to see friction between those who believe larp is “just for fun” and therefore should be divorced from all political considerations, and those who believe larp has the ability to revolutionize how we think about ourselves and our societies. Oftentimes, this friction is due to the unconscious upholding of what Audre Lorde calls, “The Mythical Norm.” That is, we believe in a normality that supports the ideas of one specific ideal of who is considered normal, while all others who don’t fit fall to the way side. The Mythical Norm is present in our design, our community standards, and even how we play. This talk will focus on what the mythical norm is, and how can we investigate and dismantle the mythical norm in our larp practices so that we can have fuller, richer and more inclusive play.

Diana J. Leonard

“Promoting Healthy Communities in Larp”

photo of Diana Leonard

Larps occur within interconnected groups of players, designers, and organizers. However, these broader communities can vary widely in how healthy they are — that is, how satisfied community members feel and how little conflict they experience in their social networks. What are the hallmarks of a healthy larp community? What can research on emotions, group dynamics, and executive function tell us about larp groups? And how can leaders and members leverage this information to foster positive change in their communities? In this keynote, Psychology and larp scholar Dr. Diana Leonard explores the best practices already used in many larps around the world that are most likely to promote group health.

* * *

We look forward to all of the wonderful keynote talks this year!

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