Second Keynoter for Role-playing and Simulation in Education Announced!

The Living Games Conference 2018 is partnering with Northeastern University to host the Role-playing and Simulation and Education Conference! Our second biennial edu-larp conference will take place directly before Living Games in affiliation with Northeastern’s Game Design Program in the Department of Art+Design. We’re delighted to announce our second keynote speaker for the event:

Kellian Adams Pletcher

photo of Kellian Adams

Kellian Adams Pletcher is a games and education technology designer and producer with over 9 years of professional experience. Her focus is on playful experiences that interact with spaces, more specifically cultural spaces like Museums and Libraries. Kellian has produced dozens of successful games for multiple platforms including Murder at the Met with the Metropolitan Museum of Art; the League of Extraordinary Bloggers with the Boston Children’s Museum and the Association of Children’s MuseumsThe Mystery of the Megatherium Club with the Smithsonian Castle and most recently; Club Drosselmeyer at Oberon in Cambridge, MA. 

Kellian got her start in game design as the senior manager for production in a Shanghai-based gaming company, Active Chinese from 2007-2008, which she left to return to America and earn her master’s in teaching. As the director of SCVNGR‘s culture and education department from 2009-2011, she worked with museums and nonprofits to build games at locations like the Smithsonian, the National Archives, and the Science Museum of London. She started her own indie company, Green Door Labs in 2012 and between custom games, Green Door Lab’s software, The Edventure Builder and unique immersive, ticketed events, she stays busy. She also teaches game design at Northeastern University. 


Recent press includes: 

March 2016: Boston Talks: Game On at WGBH Studios

June 2016: Educators See Gold in Pokemon Go in USA Today by Greg Toppo

September 2016: Augmented Reality Innovation Hub with Cara Miller

November 2017: Taking an Avant-Garde Swing at the Nutcracker in Take Magazine by Matthew Wilding


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Stay tuned for more excellent speakers to come! For additional details about the Role-playing and Simulation in Education Conference, click here. For more information on Living Games, visit our website at

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