Schedule for A Week In Austin!

We have several fun events planned for A Week in Austin, which starts Monday, May 16th at 9:00am and ends Sunday, May 22nd at 2am! To register for A Week in Austin, click here.

Please see the below schedule for a full breakdown of events. Note that some events may be subject to change closer to May. A Week in Austin game signups will be released February 8 and are scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Most days, A Week in Austin takes place in two separate tracks. The first track includes larping at the Austin Community College Gallery Theatre and the edu-larp conference, whereas the second involves sightseeing around central Austin during the day. In the evenings, both tracks will meet up for social events. Attendees are welcome to switch tracks midday if desired.

MONDAY, May 16th

Track 1:

ACC GALLERY THEATRE  (1212 Rio Grande St)
Hosted by Sarah Lynne Bowman
9am-12pm Stereo Hearts (5 players, 1 GM)
12pm-1pm Simon’s or Texadelphia
1-5pm Blip (3-4 players, 1 GM)

Track 2: 

Hosted by Rebecca Roycroft
10am-12pm Spiderhouse Coffee Shop Meetup (2906 & 2908 Fruth St. by UT Austin)
12pm-1pm Lunch at Milto’s on Guadalupe
2-5pm Barton Springs Pool/Botanical Gardens at Zilker Park

Evening socials:

6pm-7:30pm Chuy’s Tex Mex on Barton Springs
8-10pm Peter Pan Minigolf
10pm-2am Ego’s karaoke on South Congress

TUESDAY, May 17th

Track 1:

ACC GALLERY THEATRE  (1212 Rio Grande St)
Hosted by Sarah Lynne Bowman
10am-12pm Film Screening: Uber Goober (limit 75)
12pm-2pm Simon’s Cafe or House Park BBQ
2-5pm The Hirelings (3-10 players, 1-2 GMs)

Track 2:

Hosted by Rachel and Bryce Phillips
10am-12pm Spiderhouse Coffee Shop Meetup (2906 & 2908 Fruth St. by UT Austin)
12pm-1pm Conan’s Pizza or Texas French Bread on Guadalupe
2-5pm Blanton Museum and/or Texas State History Museum at UT Austin

Evening socials:

6pm-7:30pm Clay Pit Indian Food on Guadalupe
8-10pm Halcyon Coffee Shop on 4th Street and/or Town Lake Walk
10pm-2am Speakeasy Bar (412 Congress Ave)


Track 1:

ACC GALLERY THEATRE  (1212 Rio Grande St)
Hosted by Sarah Lynne Bowman
9am-12pm Last Chance Noir (3-8 players)
12pm-2pm Simon’s Cafe or Texadelphia (501 W 15th St #B)


Romeo and Juliet: A Larp (8-32 players, 2 GMs) — ACC Main Stage

Emotional Baggage (7 players, 1 GM)

Track 2:

Hosted by Mark Nau
10am-12pm Spiderhouse Coffee Shop Meetup (2906 & 2908 Fruth St. by UT Austin)
12pm-1pm Lunch at Kerbey Lane on Guadalupe
2-5pm Capitol building tour downtown

Evening socials:

6:30pm-8:30pm Alamo Drafthouse Village for movie, dinner, and drinks
9-10pm The Goodnight (bar, food, bowling, karaoke) or Dragon’s Lair game shop


Track 1:

Texas State, St. David’s School of Nursing (1555 University Blvd, Round Rock, TX 78665)
Hosted by Anne Standiford
8-12pm Role-playing and Simulation Conference
12pm-1pm Lunch in Round Rock (many options)
2-5pm Role-playing and Simulation Conference

Track 2:

Hosted by Harrison Greene
11-12:30pm Lunch at Big Daddy’s (9070 Research Blvd #101)/Madras Cafe as alternate
1-2:30pm Pinballz Arcade (8940 Research Blvd)
3-4pm Perplexium Escape Room (8868 Research Blvd #704)

Evening socials:

5:00pm-6:30pm Dinner at Vivo (6406 North I-35
Suite 2343) or Holiday Inn Midtown

SUNDAY, May 22 (after Living Games)

Hosted by Sarah Lynne Bowman
6pm-8pm Botticelli’s Italian and Beer Garden on South Congress/many other options
8-9pm Bat Watching at South Congress bridge
9pm-2am 6th Street Pub Crawl Adventure

A Week in Austin Special Events:

Film Screening: Uber Goober (Tuesday 10am-12pm)

Join us for an exclusive screening of the 2004 documentary about miniature, tabletop, and larp gaming directed by our very own larp and costuming extraordinaire Steve Metze! Schedule permitting, Metze may join us for a Q & A.

The Role-playing in Simulation in Education Conference: This edu-larp and simulation academic conference will take place at Texas State University directly before the Living Games Conference at the St. David’s School of Nursing in Round Rock, TX. If you plan to attend the conference, please register here. Note that registration is capped at 100 people. We are looking into transport options from downtown Austin to Round Rock, which may include carpooling or renting vans. Free to the public.

Info about Games at the ACC Gallery Theatre:

Stereo Hearts by Maria Ljung and Helene Willer Piironen (Monday 9-12pm)
5 players and one GM (Kat Jones and Evan Torner)

A blackbox scenario that has characters tell their stories through music and monologues.
Explores themes of love, connection, friendship. The content is partly based on the playlists used during the game. This game is for players who wants to experiment with a different way of expressing character and story.

2-3 on intensity (5 being very intense).


Blip by Gints Romanovskis (Monday 1-5pm) 

3-4 players, 1 GM (Kat Jones and Evan Torner)

Blip explores themes of isolation, lack of agency and sacrifice in a spaceflight setting. Focuses on members of a space flight who are trapped in escape pods after a crash in space.

3-4 on intensity (5 being very intense)


The Hirelings by Håken Lid and Ole Peder Giæver (Tuesday 2-5pm)

3-10 players, 1-2 GMs (Sarah Lynne Bowman)

The Hirelings draws heavily upon cliches from fantasy role playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons, video games, comics and fantasy literature. In addition there are also elements from modern life, like job interviews, group therapy, sports and team building. The characters in the game are all novice adventurers, who are preparing to head out on their first real quest.

1 on intensity (5 being very intense).


Last Chance Noir by Emily Care Boss (Wednesday 9am-12pm)

3-8 players, 1 GM (Emily Care Boss)

The money was in the bag. If she could just get through one more night in this low-down, rat’s ass town. She just needed to keep one step ahead of them all.

It’s everyone’s last chance, and somebody is going down. Together, we’ll create noir characters, and unfold a story of ambition, corruption and desire. Play out a story like The Big Sleep, Brick or True Detective.

Last Chance Noir is a Play With Intent tool kit ( freeform larp. A no-contact, no costume needed, live action game told in sequential scenes similar to an improvized play. See this link for a description of the play style:

Adults only. Strong themes and simulated violence. 3-4 on intensity (5 being very intense).


Emotional Baggage by Quinn D, Susan Weiner, Steve Vig (Wednesday 2-5)

7 players, one GM (Susan Weiner)

A handful of airline employees hopped a plane on it’s way to to be decommissioned, heading from Honolulu to Southern California. Shortly after reaching cruising altitude, they heard a fight in the cockpit, and then everything went silent. The intercom is down and they don’t know where the pilot is taking them, or whether they’ll survive once they get there. There is no way out of the situation, all they can do is try to get through the next few hours. Fortunately, they all know each other very well.

Emotional baggage is a game for 7 players about complicated relationships and old emotional traumas, set in a hostage situation on a plane in a realistic setting. There is no way out of the situation during game time, this is a game about character interactions and player exploration of difficult emotions through role-play. Flashbacks are used to show the characters’ lives flashing before their eyes and to bring up older emotional issues. Flashbacks will be short scenes involving two players stepping out while other players continue play.

A short pregame workshop will be used, as well as a debriefing to help process the game content.

Content Warnings: Flying danger, abuse, infertility, death of a parent, death of a child, impending death, being closeted, sexual content, racism, drug use. Players are expected to be able to play characters in same or opposite sex relationships. If any of these may be a concern for you, please contact us prior to registration as there may be no way to avoid some of these during casting.

Minimum age 16. 4-5 on intensity (5 being very intense).


Info about Around Austin Events:

These events are intended to give attendees a taste of Austin life from both the tourist and local perspective. Our town attracts a diverse mixture of people from technological, governmental, educational, and artistic fields, with a city motto of “Keep Austin Weird.” Austin consistently ranks at the top of lists for most desirable places to live and fastest growing cities in the U.S.

Most of our A Week in Austin events are located close to Drifter Jack’s Hostel on Guadalupe Street a few blocks away from UT Austin for people who wish for a cheap, central location to sleep. In addition, the Holiday Inn Midtown, where Living Games is held, has promised to extend the room block rate from Wednesday-Monday for people who would like to stay longer. Note that the block is currently limited to 50 rooms, but we can potentially add rooms (no guarantees). Please book in a timely fashion.

Spiderhouse Coffee Shop: An Austin gem, this coffeeshop will serve as our central meetup spot. Note that indoor seating may be limited, so claim spots early.

Milto’s Mediterranean Cafe: Lunch at this local restaurant, an Austin classic since 1977.

Barton Springs Pool: Enjoy the cool water on a hot day at this outdoor natural pool. Note: Bring 75 sunscreen block and avoid staying out longer than one hour! The Texas sun can be unforgiving.

Zilker Botanical Gardens: Take a stroll in the Botanical Garden after your swim! Located at Zilker Park downtown, close to Town Lake.

Chuy’s Tex Mex: Another funky Austin classic Tex Mex restaurant down the street from Zilker.

Peter Pan Minigolf: Since 1946, this mini golfcourse has entertained Austinites. Enjoy some nostalgia with a relaxing game in a group.

Ego’s Karaoke: This dive bar on South Congress offers karaoke every night. Join us for some late night fun!

Conan’s Pizza: Enjoy some classic Austin deep dish pizza in a small joint bedecked in art from Frank Franzetta during the Conan era.

Texas French Bread: As an alternate option, cross the street and get some great baked goods and sandwiches from this classic bakery.

Blanton Museum of Art: Check out one of Austin’s newest and most beautiful museums located on the UT campus.

The Bullock Texas History Museum: You can also visit our massive Texas History Museum across the street. Along with its usual exhibits, the Bullock boasts an IMAX theatre.

Clay Pit: Join us for dinner at the Clay Pit Indian food restaurants. (Alternative options available in the area if necessary).

Halcyon Coffee Shop and Town Lake Walk: Chill out in the fabulous warehouse district at this cute coffee shop. The host will take a small group on a walk to Town Lake a few blocks south.

Speakeasy: Want to check out Austin’s fabled night life? Join us at Speakeasy, a large bar at 4th and Congress in the heart of the warehouse districts. Speakeasy has live music indoors most nights, but the real gem is the relaxed upstairs outdoor bar that overlooks the skyline.

Kerbey Lane: One of Austin’s most popular 24-hour restaurants, Kirby Lane has many options for healthy and decadent eaters alike.

Texas State Capitol: Before getting annexed as an American state, Texas was an independent nation for the time. Come visit the Texas State Capitol and learn about our history, including the fabled battle of the Alamo. Boasts a taller tower than the U.S. State Capitol because “everything’s bigger in Texas.” Please note that the police openly carry guns there and Texas is an open carry state now.

Alamo Drafthouse: This theatre chain started in Austin and now has a national presence. One of the first theatres to offer food and alcohol during movies, Alamo screenings often feature hilarious clips before the films and special parties. We have booked the Alamo Drafthouse Village for a special screening of the larp documentary Treasure Trapped, which will occur if we can sell enough tickets. Treasure Trapped features some of our keynoters, including Claus Raasted and Eirik Fatland, and also shows footage of Østerskov Efterskole, the Danish larp boarding school. Please RSVP by buying tickets here if you plan to attend.

The Goodnight: Drinks, food, billiards, bowling, skeeball, shuffleboard, ping pong, karaoke, Zoltar fortune telling… what more could a party need?

Dragon’s Lair: Founded in 1986, Dragon’s Lair is one of Austin’s oldest original gaming stores, now located conveniently north. Buy miniatures, books, costume supplies, and other assorted geekery needs. Also, plenty of space to run and play games!

Big Daddy’s Burgers: Home of the Austin Larp Meetup, this burger joint features some truly bizarre and decadent combinations.

Madras Indian Cafe: Alternately, vegetarians can eat across the street at Madras Cafe.

Pinballz: This massive complex boast over 200 games, including classic and new arcade games and, of course, pinball.

Perplexium: Join us for one of Austin’s premiere puzzle rooms, run by our very own Riley Seaman and John Garcia. Check out John and Riley on the Escape Room panel at Living Games on Friday at 3:45pm. 15% discount code for Living Games attendees. Message for us for the code and book here. Minimum is 2-3. Maximum is 10.

Vivo: A modern Tex Mex restaurant located across the street from the Holiday Inn Midtown, where Living Games takes place. A great place to eat before Larp Night begins on Thursday.

Botticelli’s: Have a nice Italian meal with us on South Congress after Living Games and enjoy the beer garden outside. South Congress boasts many alternate food options for the dining connoisseur.

Bat Watching on the Bridge: We will watch the sunset on Town Lake and perhaps see some of Austin’s famous bats emerge from under the South Austin bridge.

6th Street Pub Crawl Adventure: Known as the Live Music Capital of the World, Austin has nightclubs and bars of every time imaginable. We will likely end our evening at Elysium, but will walk down 6th Street and sample the local club scene in the meantime.

* * *


If you have any questions about A Week in Austin, please contact us at


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