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This page features the slides, video, and photographic documentation from the Role-playing and Simulation in Education Conference at Texas State University on May 19, 2016. This conference was held in conjunction with Living Games 2016, focusing on the implementation of role-playing and simulation for educational, therapeutic, and outreach purposes.

Download articles from this conference in the International Journal of Role-playing 6 here.

See photos from this conference here.


Photo of Sarah Lynne Bowman and Anne Standiford

Photo by Keira Marti

Sarah Lynne Bowman, Austin Community College

Anne Standiford, Texas State University

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Photo of J. Tuomas Harviainen

Photo by Keira Marti

J. Tuomas Harviainen, postdoctoral researcher, Hanken School of Economics, “Physical Presence in Simulations”

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Simulation and Health Care (moderated by Christopher McClanahan)

Photo of Pamela Willson and Dinorah Martinez-Anderson

Photo by Keira Marti

Barbara Covington, Texas State University, “Investigating Clinical Judgment in Nursing Students over the Senior Year: A Longitudinal Study”

Jason Morningstar, “Iterative, Low-Cost Analog Simulation for Medical Education”

Pamela Willson and Dinorah Martinez-Anderson, Texas State University, “Preparing Advanced Practice Nurses for the World of Telehealth”

Anne Standiford and Sarah Lynne Bowman, “Enhancing Healthcare Simulations and Beyond: Immersion Theory and Practice”

* * *

Humanities (moderated by Alex Roberts) 

Photo of Evan Torner, David Simkins, Jason Cox, and Josh T. Jordan

Photo by Keira Marti

Jason Cox, University of Toledo, “Arts-Based Inquiry with Art Educators through American Freeform”

Evan Torner, University of Cincinnati, “Teaching German Literature Through Larp: A Proposition”

Josh T. Jordan, “Simulation and Character Ownership in Secondary Dramatic Literature Education”

David Simkins, Rochester Institute of Technology, “Legitimate Peripheral Participation and Communities of Practice: Using Role-play to Reimagine History Construction”

Natural and Political Sciences (moderated by Jason Morningstar)

Photo oh Samara Hayley Steele, Susan Weiner, and Mikael Hellström

Photo by Keira Marti

Rebecca Roycroft, University of Texas at Austin, “Teaching Physics through Role-play”

Susan Weiner, Roosevelt University, “Simulations in Teaching Evolution”

Mikael Hellström,  “Playing Political Science: Leveraging Game Design in the Post-Secondary Classroom”

Samara Hayley Steele, “Teaching Political Economy Through Larp: The Game Mechanics of Feudalism and Capitalism”

Sociology, Psychology, and Therapy (moderated by Gabriel de los Angeles) 

Photo of Gabriel de los Angeles and Darrin Coe Photo of Jamie Wilkinson

Hawke Robinson, RPG Research Project, “Role-Playing Games (RPG) as Intervention Modalities to Achieve Therapeutic & Educational Goals for Individuals and Groups from the Therapeutic Recreation Perspective”

Darrin Coe, Peru State College, “Developing an Individual Voice in College Through Analog Fantasy Role-playing: An Emergent Grounded Theory Based on the Work of Erik Erikson”

Jamie Wilkinson, Benchmark Family Services, “Using Role-playing Games to Drive Social Skill Development”

Business and Other Professional Applications (moderated by J. Tuomas Harviainen) 

Photo of Graham MacLean

Stephen Balzac, 7 Steps Ahead, “When Fantasy is Reality: Exploring How Live Action Roleplaying Games Increase Understanding of Leadership, Decision Making, and Working with a Group”

Graham MacLean, Ryerson University, “One Way to Create Educational Games”

Brodie Atwater, “We Need to Talk: A Literature Review of Debrief”

Youth Outreach (moderated by Ben Books Schwartz)

Photo of Gabriel de los Angeles, Anna V. Konovalenko, Amanda Siepiola, and Claus Raasted

Gabriel de los Angeles, University of Washington, “Scaffolding Role Playing: An Analysis of Role-playing Interactions with Non Role-players of All Ages”

Anna V. Konovalenko, European University at St. Petersburg, “The Noon Project: Socialization of Orphans via Larps in Russia”

Amanda Siepiola, Horace Mann Elementary, “Preconditions, Systems and Mindsets that Allow Edu-Larp to Grow in a Public Elementary School”

Claus Raasted, “Teaching Orcs Democracy”

Closing Ceremonies

Anne Standiford and Sarah Lynne Bowman

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