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This page features slides, video, and photographic documentation from the Living Games Conference in Boston, MA, from May 17-20, 2018. Living Games is devoted to the academic and practical study of larp in all its forms.

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FRIDAY, May 18, 2018

Organizing Roundtable 1: Bridging the Gap: Bringing Nordic LARP to the US

Moderated by: Tyler Brown


Featuring: Bjarke Pedersen, Garett Kopczynski, Kathaleen Amende, Ken Pickering, Evan Torner, and Lizzie Stark


* * *

SATURDAY, May 19, 2018

Organizing Roundtable 2: Raising the Next Generation: The World of Larp Summer Camp

Moderated by: Ben “Books” Schwartz


Featuring: Trine Boode-Petersen, Corinne MacDonald, Meghan Gardner, Andrew Lacanienta, Elizabeth Fein, and Sadia Bies


* * *

Organizing Roundtable 3: Location Scouting for Larps

Moderated by: Cameron Betts

Featuring:  Kathaleen Amende, Ryan Hart


* * *

Organizing Roundtable 4: The Information Missile Defense System

Moderated by: Eric Mersmann


Featuring: Lizzie Stark, Bjarke Pedersen, and Jason Morningstar


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