Ninth Keynote Speaker Pair for Living Games 2018 Announced!

The Living Games Conference 2018 is proud to announce our ninth keynote speaker pair for the event! The conference will feature several short keynote speeches from presenters with a variety of different backgrounds related to larp, who we will announce periodically in the months leading up to the event.

Without further ado, our ninth keynote speaker pair is:

Martin Nielsen

photo of Martin Nielsen

Ane Marie Anderson

Photo of Ane Marie Anderson

Martin Nielsen and Ane Marie Anderson are two of the key stakeholders in the Norwegian larp community. As two of the founders of the Norwegian NGO Fantasiforbundet in 2009, they have carried out several projects together and individually. A common denominator for their work has been using larp as a tool for social impact – both in Norway and internationally. Their work has contributed to the increasing validation of larp as a tool for social change, and caught the attention of large-scale donors such as the Norwegian Ministry Of Foreign Affairs and the EU. They also use larp as a professional tool for improved learning processes through their company Alibier.

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Stay tuned for more excellent speakers to come! For more information on Living Games, visit our website at

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