Living Games Safety Documentation

This page features the Safety Documentation, including video, documents, slides, and photography from the Living Games Conference in Austin, TX from May 19-22, 2016 and Boston, MA from May 17-20, 2018. Living Games is devoted to the academic and practical study of larp in all its forms.

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Overview of the Safety Protocols at Living Games 2016: A pre-conference description of the Safety Team, Sanctuary Space, and Crisis Management Programming.


Written by: Sarah Lynne Bowman


Living Games Safety, Inclusion, Accessibility, and Security Design 2018: An overview of our safety design iterations for Living Games 2018.


Written by: Sarah Lynne Bowman, with input from other team members


Review of the Safety Protocols at Living Games: A post-conference summary of how the safety system worked.


Written by: Lizzie Stark


Code of Conduct and Guidelines for Suggested Behavior: The external document provided to attendees. All attendees were required to sign this document before receiving their badge.


Written by: Sarah Lynne Bowman, with suggestions from John Stavropoulos and other members of the safety team


Internal Safety Procedures: The internal document for members of the safety team. Establishes guidelines for safety team members for handling crisis situations. At least two safety team members were stationed in the Sanctuary Room during the conference from 9am-2am. This document details how to report incidents to the main three safety leads via a private Google form, as well as how to report any actions taken via another form.  All members of the safety team were trained using this document before the conference.


Written by: John Stavropoulos, with suggestions from Sarah Lynne Bowman, Jack Weeks and other members of the safety team


Playing for Empathy Workshop: A set of best practices and role-play scenarios for dealing with issues that arise in role-playing communities. Mostly focuses on in-character issues that affect out-of-character interactions.


Written and facilitated by: Maury Brown and Benjamin A. Morrow


Crisis Management: Bleed, Harassment, Trauma Workshop: A set of best practices and role-play scenarios for handling issues that arise in role-playing communities. Mostly focuses on out-of-character problems that affect larp groups.


Written and facilitated by: John Stavropoulos and Samara Hayley Steele, with help from Sara Hart and Sarah Lynne Bowman

Crisis Management: Bleed, Harassment, Trauma Workshop (2018 French Translation): A translation and adaptation of the 2016 Crisis Management workshop into French.
Translated and adapted by: Sasha Berger, Bruno Cailloux, Michael Freudenthal, Alise Saint-Dizier, Victoire Schwagger


Crisis Management: Policy, Deliberation, Decision Making (Roundtable): A roundtable discussion about ways to establish and enforce codes of conduct in gaming communities.  Focuses on establishing policy, deliberating on specific issues, and making decisions, particularly with regard to harassment.


Featuring: John Stavropoulos, Sara Hart, Samara Hayley Steele, and Sarah Lynne Bowman


Community Management Keynote Series: A set of Keynotes by John Stavropoulos, Avonelle Wing, Maury Brown, and Johanna Koljonen on issues pertaining to safety and calibration in role-playing communities.


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