Living Games Safety, Inclusion, Accessibility, and Security Design 2018

At Living Games, we are committed to the safety, security, inclusion, and accessibility of our participants. This work is an iterative process over the years. We wanted to share an overview of our current developments and practices around these values. If you are interested in our work in this field over the years, please refer to our Living Games Safety Documentation page. Please review our updated our Code of Conduct and Internal Procedures for this year’s conference. For a review of our safety design for the 2016 conference, click here.

For our 2018 conference, we have divided these areas into three distinct teams:

Inclusion & Accessibility Team

The Living Games Conference organizing staff recognizes the personal and educational value we gain when we learn from one another. We acknowledge that in both the smaller community of larpers, designers, and games scholars, and in society as a whole, inequalities and oppression based on differences in gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, class, economic status, religion, neurodiversity, and physical ability still exist, and that inequality and oppression create barriers for participation for people from these marginalized groups. The Inclusion and Accessibility Team has provided guidance on ways to: reduce barriers for people from these marginalized communities, ensure the conference experience is inclusive and affirming of participants’ identities, and that conference programs and services are equitably accessible for all participants. While this work is the responsibility of all Living Games staff and is necessary for the success of the conference, the Inclusion and Accessibility Team has led us through the challenges, uncomfortable conversations, and awkward yet thoughtful silence. We are extremely grateful for the efforts of this team.  This work is ongoing, our vision as a community is evolving and our implementation of recommendations will continue to use improvement, so we welcome feedback from participants.

Inclusion & Accessibility Lead: Brodie Atwater

Programming Subcommittee Lead: Kat Jones

Team Members (current and past): Emily Care Boss, Julia Ellingboe, Clio Yun-su Davis, Hakan Seyalioglu, Raquel Skellington, Kim Sward, Shayna Cook, Sharang Biswas, Ashleigh La Porta, Maury Brown, Rachel Tanenhaus, Quinn Murphy   

Safety and Policy Team

We have subdivided the Safety and Policy Team into three categories: General Safety, Core Safety, and Safety Advisory.

General Safety is the team responsible for examining and revising the policies for the conference together with other Safety team members. They also serve shifts outside the Sanctuary Space for individuals who need emotional care onsite.

General Safety: Brodie Atwater, Alex Roberts, other members TBD.

Core Safety is the team who reviews and responds to safety reports that individuals submit. These team members are the only people who can view the details of reports. They are responsible for making safety decisions based upon our Code of Conduct. The Core Safety Team will log all reports; those making a report may choose whether they prefer to remain anonymous or to be identified. Our policy requires that Core Safety informs the con chair about these reports. Note that the composition of Core Safety has changed over the course of the last year.

Core Safety: Dave Kapell, Kim Sward, Nathan Black, Maury Brown

Safety Advisory is a team comprised of people who once served on Core Safety teams, but who have retired from service or do not operate in that capacity currently. Core Safety may consult the Safety Advisory with anonymized reports in order to obtain advice or gather further information on an open issue.

Safety Advisory: Sarah Lynne Bowman, John Stavropoulos, Alex Roberts

Security Team

The Security Team is responsible for handling onsite issues during the conference itself. If Core Safety makes a determination, the Security Team will carry out any consequences based upon the Code of Conduct.

Security Lead: Nathan Black

While this structure is complex, we believe that delineating the specific duties of our volunteer teams will help highlight their skills and narrow the scope of their responsibilities at the conference. Questions? Email or

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