Living Games 2018 Feedback

We invite attendees and participants of Living Games Conference 2018 to provide feedback on this year’s event. These responses, along with feedback which was provided following the event, will be included in an anonymized report to be shared with the community and future organizers of Living Games. We thank everyone for their input to help improve the conference and help future teams better serve the community.

Responses are requested by October 23, 2018 for inclusion in the report. Please respond by October 23, 2018 if at all possible.

Find the online survey here:

Responses will be accepted in writing, audio or video, which we are offering for accessibility purposes as an alternative to the online form. Follow-up contact by email or phone call may be requested.

To submit these questions in writing please download a file found at the link below. Large type print format is available.

and mail to:

Living Games Feedback c/o Katherine Castiello Jones
Department of Sociology
University of Cincinnati
1018 Crosley
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0378

To submit responses in audio or video form, please email to Katherine Castiello Jones at

To request follow-up on your feedback, please email to Katherine Castiello Jones at

To make a report to the Safety team, email Dave Kapell and Kim Sward, safety team joint heads at:

For questions about submitting a response to the survey, email Emily Boss at:

Many thanks!

Best regards,

The Living Games 2018 Steering Committee

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