Last Round of Keynoters Announced!

The Living Games Conference is proud to announce our last round of keynote speakers for the event! The conference will feature several short keynote speeches from presenters with a variety of different backgrounds related to larp, which we will announce periodically in the months leading up to the event.

Without further ado, our last round of speakers includes:


Johanna Koljonen


Johanna Koljonen is a Finnish experience designer, writer, media analyst and award-winning broadcaster. She is a co-founder of the international Alibis for Interaction Masterclass and of the Nordic Larp Talks, which she hosts. She is a founding partner of the Swedish production company Rundfunk Media AB, which makes public service TV, radio and web programming, and a partner of the Odyssé agency, which creates larps, games, experiences and interaction for art institutions, museums and public spaces. She is working on a book about safety in participation design, and also writes graphic novels, short fiction, games and stage plays.


Martin Ericsson


Martin Ericsson aka Elricsson is the Lead Storyteller for the World of Darkness. Martin likes making grownups fearlessly play with difficult subjects. His numerous larp-related crimes against consensual reality stretch back to 1989 and include Prosopopeia; a series of pervasive possession-games about death and radical struggle (ok, they were basically Wraith games); the debauched Shakespeare adaptation Inside Hamlet; and Carolus Rex and Monitor Celestra, a couple of high-tension games about fascists in spaceships. He’s shaped and been shaped by the Nordic larp tradition as he’s written award-winning narrative and design for research, digital games, TV, ARGs and edu-games for more than twenty years. He is currently in a very dark place.


Stuart Candy


Dr Stuart Candy (@futuryst) is a tenure-track professor of Design and Director of the Situation Lab at OCAD University, Toronto. A professional futurist and strategic facilitator, Stuart has pioneered the transmedia practice of Experiential Futures, bringing possible worlds to life via immersive encounters and tangible artifacts. He has worked with Wired magazine, UNESCO, the Sydney Opera House, IDEO, the University of Oxford, Arup, and the National Film Board of Canada; has lectured at MIT, Berkeley, and the Royal College of Art; and has run workshops at Yale, the TED Conference, and Singularity University. He served as Game Master on Jane McGonigal and the Institute for the Future‘s alternate reality game Superstruct, directed Coral Cross, an online game about pandemic flu funded by the CDC, and co-created the award-winning imagination game The Thing From The Future. He recently led a process for two dozen invited creatives from around the world to co-design exhibition concepts for the Museum of the Future staged at at the 2016 World Government Summit in Dubai.

* * *

We hope you’ll join us for talks from these excellent speakers!

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