Fourth Round of Keynoters Announced!

The Living Games Conference is proud to announce our fourth round of keynote speakers for the event! The conference will feature several short keynote speeches from presenters with a variety of different backgrounds related to larp, which we will announce periodically in the months leading up to the event.

Without further ado, our fourth round of speakers includes:


Michael Pucci


Michael Pucci is the co-founder of the Dystopia Rising larp network, the Imagine Nation Collective, and Eschaton Media Inc. In addition to his 20+ years creating, organizing, and running larps, Michael is a writer, world creator, and game designer for a number of game titles. These titles include the Chronos Universal larp system, Dystopia Rising larp system, 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse ARG, Dystopia Rising RPG, Project: Paradigm RPG, I AM ZOMBIE RPG, Devil Days larp, and Sleepy Hollow School of the Arcane larp.

Ashley Zdeb


Ashley Zdeb is the co-founder of Eschaton Media, Imagine Nation Collective, and Dystopia Rising, heading up the operational aspects of all three companies. Discovering larp at age 16, she successfully turned her passion into a career and currently heads one of the most successful larp networks in the country. Taking the opportunity of the communities surrounding these games and network to focus on various charity fundraisers and work through the years, she believes that it is a game runner’s responsibility to bring larp into the modern day in both technology and social progressiveness.

Susan Weiner

Susan Weiner is a larp writer and science educator. Weiner is an Assistant Professor of Biology at Roosevelt University who uses larp in her teaching and science in her larp. She has written a variety of theater style games, primarily with larp writing group Alleged Entertainment. With Alleged Entertainment, she has been involved in the development of the American Freeform style genre of larp. She is particularly interested in broadening the understanding and experience of larping the U.S. and in using larp as a tool to encourage new ways of learning and thinking in her students and players.

* * *

Stay tuned for more excellent speakers to come!

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