First Keynote Speaker Announced for Living Games 2018!

The Living Games Conference 2018 is proud to announce our first keynote speaker for the event! The conference will feature several short keynote speeches from presenters with a variety of different backgrounds related to larp, which we will announce periodically in the months leading up to the event.

Without further ado, our first keynote speaker is:


Caroline Murphy

Photo of Caroline Murphy speaking at an event

Caroline Murphy is a game designer that believes in larp as a collaborative interactive art medium capable of creating transformational experiences. She tends to create games that are strange, challenging, intense, and emotional. She has been designing live-action games for over 15 years, and recently published a narrative-focused larp methodology called Mytharc. She teaches in the games program at Northeastern University, founded the Boston Festival of Indie Games, sits on the Board of Directors at Be Epic, and is Chief Creative Officer at Incantrix Productions. You can find more of her work at and

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Stay tuned for more excellent speakers to come! For more information on Living Games, visit our website at

Posted November 06, 2017 in: news by lgadmin