Final Round of Keynote Descriptions for Living Games 2018!

At Living Games, we are honored to feature a diverse group of keynoters from a variety of different larp and experiential entertainment backgrounds. Here are just a few of the descriptions of the keynotes you can expect to enjoy at the conference:

Sharang Biswas

“Intersections between Games, Performance, and Interactive Theatre” 

Photo of Sharang Biswas.

“Games” is one of the most nebulous art and entertainment practices in the world today, encompassing everything from AAA video games and high-end board games, to live-action 360-degree larps, low-budget print-and-play card games and tiny, independent tabletop RPGs. In the “live games” space itself, we find that people either interchangeably use the terms larp, interactive theatre, immersive theatre, big games, escape rooms, and participatory performance, or splutter incoherently when trying to describe an experience. What are the differences between the various genres and media of gaming? How useful is it to study such differences? And more importantly, how can the various forms intersect and inform each other to create new ways of exploring play and human interaction?


Kathryn Hymes and Hakan Seyalioglu

“I Would Do Anything for Larp… But I Won’t Do That”


Kathryn photo of Hakan

Larp is powerful — we know this. As players, we dive deep into our characters; looking for the pulse of their particular nature and exploring what makes them tick. By giving more of ourselves, we know we will get more from the game. Immersion is a goal. But what about as creators?

Making a game is deeply personal. Our games emerge out of our values, and in turn they give us ways to assert those values into the world. Even so, it’s typical as a creator to work from a place that is removed from your subject material, observing it from a distance. But opening yourself up to the story and becoming involved can have profound consequences. Both in terms of what you create, and your own outlook to the world.

We root this talk in our experience making a larp about Nicaraguan Sign Language and all the unexpected places it has taken us. We’ll share highlights and lowlights from our process and recommendations on how to approach similar engagement in your own projects.

* * *

We look forward to all of the wonderful keynote talks this year!

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