Fifth Round of Keynoters Announced!

The Living Games Conference is proud to announce our fifth round of keynote speakers for the event! The conference will feature several short keynote speeches from presenters with a variety of different backgrounds related to larp, which we will announce periodically in the months leading up to the event.

Without further ado, our fifth round of speakers includes:

Cecilia Dolk


Cecilia Dolk is a participatory producer and designer working for Odyssé. She is one of the producers of the critically-acclaimed larp experience The Monitor Celestra, based on the Battlestar Galactica TV series. She also helped produce InsideHamlet at Castle Elsinore in Denmark,  an immersive version of the classical Shakespeare play. Dolk is an expert at creating immersive living worlds where every detail is exactly as it should be.

J Li


J Li is a larp designer focused on immersive emotional experience. She is best known for creating the Parlor Larps line, producing the Pattern Language in Larp Design resource, and serving as a judge for the Golden Cobra freeform competition. She originated the Stanford Gaming Society school of larping in 2003. More recent work has included explorations of alternative formats for intense internal play, including Caldera and Coloring Book. J believes strongly in low-production, high-intensity, player-centered experience design. More information can be found at Caldera Games, formerly Shifting Forest Games, and on G+.

Avonelle Wing

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Avonelle Wing is a principal with Double Exposure, Inc. She thinks 100 word bios are torture. During her 18 years as a professional and mentor in the gaming industry, she has mastered coordinating conventions, games days, and other gaming related events. She knows it’s impossible to condense the story of 170 designers gathered under the same roof, sharing their heartsong with playtesters. To summarize the iterative process of modeling social consciousness and compassion within “the community?” Explain the practical and emotional labor of encouraging a thriving, diverse community to bring our best selves to the table? In 100 words? Unlikely.

* * *

Stay tuned for more excellent speakers to come!

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