Feedback from LGC 2018 and Planning for 2020

Dear Living Games Community,

Thanks to the hard work of our feedback team, we have collected information about Living Games 2018 from attendees. Text from fall 2018 survey is here. Please find the report prepared by Katherine Castiello Jones and Diana Leonard at this link:

Living Games Conference 2018 – Feedback Survey Results

We thank everyone who took time to offer their input and suggestions on the strengths and weaknesses of this event, and hope this information will steer future teams towards making a more effective, welcoming and safe conference.

The volunteer team from 2018 has concluded their work. If you would like to join the team which will now form to plan for the next Living Games Conference, please respond here:

Living Games 2020 Planning Volunteers

With the deepest of gratitude to everyone who participated in this event and all the groups and individuals who helped support it, and with enthusiastic support for those who make future events happen, we wish everyone the very best.

With warm regards,

Emily Care Boss, Con Chair

and the LGC 2018 Steering Team

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