Frequently Asked Questions

  • When does the conference start and end?

    We are in the process of developing the programming structure, but our current plan is for the conference to begin on Thursday, May 17, 2018 at 8:00pm with a night of larps in the hotel. Panels, keynotes, workshops and networking events will run during the day on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Evenings will contain a variety of themed social programming items and may include some games. Programming will end Sunday, May 20, 2018 at 3pm.

    We also plan to host a variety of A Week in Boston events. Patterned after the Knutpunkt tradition of providing relaxing programming in the week leading up to the conference, we are working hard to develop content ranging from an edu-larp conference to short larps to pub crawls. Also, we plan to offer relaxed social events after the conference in town. We want visitors to experience what Boston has to offer during their stay!

  • Where is the hotel located?

    Our hotel is the Boston Marriott Peabody in Peabody, MA. The hotel is located off exit 28 from Interstate Route 95S. It is approximately 5 miles from Salem, MA.

    See Registration for information on booking rooms.

  • What are some low price options for accommodations during A Week in Boston?

    A Week has a number of low price options available. There is a room block in a hotel as well as a form to be a host or guest. The accommodations information is on the A Week master document and can be found in the Accommodations and Hotel Block sections.

  • How does the conference pricing structure work?

    The pricing includes 3 catered meals (lunch on Friday and Saturday, brunch on Sunday) and access to all on-site events, workshops, games, and social functions. Details on meals to follow in the coming months. Options to accommodate dietary restrictions (vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, Kosher, Halal and others) will be made available.

    Registration is now open! Click here to register for Living Games.

    From 1 November through 31 December 2017, Early Bird Prices are in force. By registering now, attendees help us with early expenses like advertising, web hosting, and security deposits. Normal registration fees will be available from 1 January 2018 through 10 May 2018. Depending on space availability there may be registration at the door. Higher rates may apply.

    Badges are available in four price ranges: Benefactor, Professional/Academic, Regular, Subsidized. See below for description of each.

    Benefactors help make Living Games possible by providing funds to subsidize the purchase of Badges by other attendees. By paying $300, Benefactors help us with early expenses like advertising, web hosting, and security deposits. These special attendees can also offer additional donations if desired. Benefactors will be recognized on our website for their additional support of the conference. Attendees are entitled to all activities that are associated with Regular Badges.

    Professional/Academic Badges cost $250 ($225 Early Bird). These are intended for scholars and professionals who are eligible for academic program, grant, corporate or other funds to pay for their attendance. Attendees paying this level are encouraged to submit proposal for a talk at the Edu-larp min-conference on Thursday (17 May 2018), to present during the conference as part of the Academic programming track, and optionally to provide a poster on their research, services, event or program for the mini-conference and which may be displayed during the Larp Service & Livelihood Fair on Sunday (20 May 2018). Attendees are also entitled to all activities that are associated with Regular Badges.

    Regular Badges cost $165 ($150 Early Bird). Attendees are entitled to attend all Week in Boston Events, the edu-larp mini-conference, and all talks, games, social events and professional fair of the Living Games Conference from Thursday 17 May 2018 through Sunday 20 May 2018, and any events following the conference as afterglow social events. If you would like to give a donation to Subsidize another attendee’s Badge, please contact Registration at

    Subsidized Badges cost $125 ($100 Early Bird). A limited number of these registrations will be available, made possible by Benefactor Badge enrollment and other contributions. These are intended for attendees traveling from another country, full-time students, and attendees with limited income. Please contact Registration at for availability or to opt to be placed on a waiting list. Attendees are entitled to all activities that are associated with Regular Badges.

    Early bird prices will be in effect through December 31, 2017. Conference prices are separate from hotel room rentals.

  • Are day and weekend passes available?
    Day and event passes now available. See this link for more information:


  • Can we eat off-site instead?

    Lunch will be provided for all attendees to allow for easy flow during programming hours and to provide a time for networking and socializing. We’ll provide information about locations for breakfast and dinner. The hotel has a full-service restaurant, Sophia’s, providing three meals per day and a the food and drink kiosk Fresh Bites, providing breakfast foods from 6am to 11am, and drinks, snacks and light meals from 11am to 11pm daily. See this link for menus We will work with them to provide options for attendees with dietary restrictions. And our staff will provide information about local restaurants that provide deliver, eat-in and take-out service. For a list of local restaurants provided by the Marriott, click here.

  • Will the conference offer food to suit my dietary needs (vegetarian, vegan, kosher, gluten-free, nut-free, etc.)?

    Yes. We are working with the hotel to do our best to offer multiple options for people with special dietary needs and are carefully examining menus. If you have a specific need, you can indicate your restrictions on the registration form under Comments or send us an email and we will accommodate you.

  • Does the hotel offer food, coffee, and alcohol at other times?

    Yes. The hotel has an on-site restaurant and a small kiosk bistro for coffee and food throughout the from 6am through 11pm.  A bar is available with drinks. Guests may gather in the lobby and common areas without a cutoff time provided other guests sleeping time is respected by observing quiet hours during the night.

    The bar/restaurant does stop serving food at 11:00pm and last call is done at 12:15am with all alcohol required to be cleared from tables by 1:00am per the state liquor laws. For more information, click here.

  • How much meeting space does the hotel offer for events?

    We have access to 7 rooms depending on setup. We have rented out the entirety of the conference space, which means we will have relative privacy for most of the event. The conference will have access to a variety of different shaped rooms for events: boardrooms, ballrooms and suite for use by the event. Room capacities range from 20 to 300 for a total of approximately 10,735 sq. feet of conference space.The grand ballroom is 4,717 sq. ft and the centennial ballroom is 4,224 sq. ft. We can affix posters or signage to walls and other surface if attached using painter’s tape which will cause no damage.

  • How much are the hotel rooms in the room block?

    $169 per night plus tax for a King room or 2 Doubles. King rooms will include a fold out couch that can sleep 2, or a rolling cot sleeping 1 can be requested for the room. Parking is free for up to 375 cars. A basic Wifi service is free, with a high-speed option available for $12.95/day. The block is secure for 20 rooms on Thursday night, and 35 rooms each on Friday and Saturday nights with a few reserved for Sunday for long-distance travellers and others. Please note that this block features a mixture of Kings and Doubles. A limited amount of rollaway beds is also available. A few rooms are available three days leading up to the conference and three days after, but we suggest booking soon to lock in the rate.  Please book hotel rooms promptly through the Living Games registration link for the Boston Marriott Peabody.

    Or register by phone at 1-877-901-2083 and tell them it is part of: LIVING GAMES CONFERENCE, MAY 17-20, 2018. For international guests, find toll free phone numbers here.


  • If we decide to stay longer, can we get the same price?

    A few rooms are available three (3) days leading up to the conference and three (3) days after, but we suggest booking soon to lock in the rate.

  • How many people can the hotel accommodate?

    The hotel has approximately 60 rooms with 2 double beds. The remaining have king beds. (258 total rooms in the hotel).The hotel is fine with room shares, so numbers will depend upon registration and coordination.  For handicapped accessibility they have 3 rooms with roll-in showers and an additional 7 rooms that are handicapped accessible with wider entryways/doors and assistance features (handrails) within the bathroom.

    All of the public restrooms, which include the public bathrooms in the lobby, the pool area and the centennial ballroom,  are handicap accessible and have at least one handicapped stall in each. Two bathrooms connected to the Centennial Ballroom reserved primarily for use our by attendees during the course of the conference. These will be labeled gender neutral during our stay.

    Other hotel guests not attending the conference will have access to the restaurant in the hotel and other public areas until 11pm. There are tables and social space that will be available for attendee use around the clock.

    If the hotel sells out, we suggest that attendees stay at the Holiday Inn and Suites Boston-Peabody which is approximately 4 miles away, 10 minutes by car.

  • How do I get to the venue from the airport and around Boston in general?

    We recommend using public transportation and will prioritize locating Week in Boston events on bus or train routes. The Boston Marriott Peabody is on a bus route and is a short car ride from the Salem train station on the Newbury/Rockport commuter rail line.

    Schedule for the Newbury/Rockport line:

    You can also use cab lines or a rideshare app such as Lyft or Uber. For local transportation links see:

    For attendees with mobility constraints who are unable to use public transportation, the MBTA offers an accessibility transportation service called The Ride. Our staff will help connect you with resources to sign up for this service in advance of the event. Rides can be schedule 1 to 7 days in advance.

    See this link to see if you may be eligible for The Ride:

    When getting around Boston, you can buy a week-long train and pass called a CharlieCard or CharlieTicket for $21.25. Alternately, day passes are $12.00. Discounts are available for students and people with disabilities.

    Most A Week in Boston activities will be accessible via the “T” (subway) or bus.
    For other events, such as the edularp  mini-conference, we will arrange carpooling or vans.

    Travel from Boston Logan Airport to Boston Marriott Peabody Hotel, 8A Centennial Dr, Peabody, MA

    From Logan Airport Terminal C
    Take Bus 459  Salem Depot via Airport & Central Square (Express)
    Travel time: 30 min (28 stops) · Stop ID: 7094

    Transfer Stop: Lynn Commuter Rail Busway
    Take: Bus 436 Liberty Tree via North Shore Mall & Lynnfield St
    27 min (51 stops) · Stop ID: 14748

    Destination: Request stop at Boston Marriott Peabody, 8A Centennial Dr, opposite Marriott Dr

    MBTA Schedules:

    Peabody Logan Express - bus from airport to Peabody
    For Living Games attendees traveling by plane through Boston Logan Airport, there is an express bus that goes to Peabody. It leaves hourly throughout the day (from 4:15am in the morning through 12:15am at night) and costs $12 one way/$22 round trip. From Logan, the ticket is purchased on the bus. From Peabody, tickets must be purchased from the terminal and they recommend allowing for time to wait in line if needed ahead of time before the bus leaves.
    Wheel chair equipped coaches are available with a twenty-four hour advance notice. For assistance call: McGinn Bus Company, 781-592-0100
    It is an 8 minute drive from the bus terminal to the hotel. There is no public transportation available, but Lyft or taxi service is available, and on Thursday and Sunday volunteers will be available at various times to provide pickups and drop offs. Arrange for this on the slack #travel channel. Contact for an invite to the Slack.
    For more information about the hotel, click here.
  • How do I book the hotel at the special rate?

    Please book promptly through the Living Games registration link for the Boston Marriott Peabody.

    Or register by phone at 1-877-901-2083 and tell them it is part of: LIVING GAMES CONFERENCE, MAY 17-20, 2018. For international guests, find toll free phone numbers here.

    If you have problems booking, please contact and we'll try to help.

  • What will the programming schedule feature?

    Living Games will feature a mixture of panels, round tables, show and tell sessions, workshops, keynotes, social activities, and larps. Our conference theme is Our Full Potential. We welcome contributions to the following categories: Intro to Larp, Community, Organizing, Designing, Playing, and Academic.

    In addition to our core programming, Living Games will also feature A Week in Boston programming activities before and after the conference, including the Role-playing and Simulation in Education mini conference at Northeastern University on Thursday, May 17th, 9am-4pm. More details on A Week in Boston to follow.

  • How do I submit a program item?

    If you would like to submit a program item to Living Games and/or the Role-playing and Simulation in Education Conference, please click this link.

  • Who is organizing this conference?

    The lead organizer is Emily Care Boss, larp theorist and independent role-playing game designer. Also on the team are Sarah Lynne Bowman, larp scholar and coordinating editor of the International Journal of Role-playing; Lizzie Stark, acclaimed larp journalist; David Kapell, Founder of NELCO and President of New England Interactive Literature; Evan Torner, larp scholar and founder and editor of the Analog Game Studies journal; and Avonelle Wing, one of the organizers of DOUBLE EXPOSURE events.

    Evan Torner and Sarah Lynne Bowman, experts in both design and scholarship, are spearheading the Academic Committee. We are partnering with Celia Pearce from the Game Design Program at the Art + Design Department at Northeastern University to hold the Role-playing and Simulation and Education conference. Diane Martin, organizer of many events including Reader Con helped secure the hotel contract.

    Other RPG designers donated many hours to the founding the project, including Mikael Andersson, who worked tirelessly on the website, and John Stavropoulos, who provided expert guidance web and Safety protocol design. Sara Williamson, writer of American Freeform and Fastaval scenarios, helped immensely with early social media design. In short, our current team is diverse, consisting of people from numerous larp and professional communities.
    Our current heads of committees are:

    Programming: Sarah Lynne Bowman

    Academic: Sarah Lynne Bowman and Evan Torner

    Design and Play: Clio Yun-su Davis

    Games: Evan Torner

    Week in Boston: Lizzie Stark

    Finance: Emily Care Boss, David Kapell and Chad Bergeron

    Inclusion and Accessibility Lead: Brodie Atwater

    I&A Programming Subcommittee Lead: Kat Jones

    Safety Leads: David Kapell and Kim Sward

    Core Safety Team: David Kapell, Kim Sward, Nathan Black, Maury Brown

    Security: Nathan Black

    Outreach: Sarah Lynne Bowman

    Homestay Coordination: Adina Schreiber

    Site Logistics: Emily Care Boss

    Documentation: Sarah Lynne Bowman

    If you would like to participate as a volunteer or committee member, we would love to hear from you! Additionally, if you wish to sponsor the event by providing monetary donations, food/drinks for the con suite, or other supplies, please contact us at info (at)

    Ultimately, Living Games is the brainchild of dozens of other talented individuals as well. Shoshana Kessock ran the inaugural conference at the NYU Game Center in the Tisch School of Arts in 2014 with help from an international team of scholars and practitioners. Sarah Lynne Bowman, Ashley Zdeb, Lizzie Stark, and Emily Care Boss ran the 2016 event with help from a large team at the Holiday Inn Midtown in Austin. LGC 2016 also featured a Role-playing and Simulation mini-conference at Texas State University's St. David's School of Nursing, which Bowman and Dr. Anne Standiford organized.

    The current iteration of the conference is the product of many hours of brainstorming from people from various role-playing communities, including Intercon, Dystopia Rising, Mind’s Eye Society, Knutpunkt, Double Exposure, Wyrd Con, Fastaval, Big Bad Con, American Freeform, Story Games, etc. Our goal is to create a bridge between different communities and pool the collective wisdom attained from years of experience in each.

  • Who is the target audience for this conference?

    The short answer is: anyone interested in discussing larp! We hope to appeal to curious people from boffer larp, freeform, theatre/parlor style, Nordic, blackbox, etc. Tabletop players, educators, simulators, theater specialists, etc. are also welcome. We also hope to become a key nexus point for academic and professional discourse about larp in North America, appealing to scholars, designers, game organizers, and students alike. Ultimately, we aim to provide content for attendees with all levels of expertise, from veterans to newcomers.

  • How will you approach diversity with regard to ideas and backgrounds?

    As many of these communities have operated in isolation from one another, ideally Living Games will be a space where attendees can freely share ideas from different backgrounds without judgment or criticism. We subscribe to the “BFF” rule adopted from the Larpers BFF Facebook group: when entering a discussion, feel free to debate a topic, but always leave the conversation having learned more and having become better friends than when you started.

    Also, we want to encourage people from diverse cultural, economic, racial, ethnic, and gender backgrounds to feel welcome at the conference. We plan to include options for scholarships in our future fundraising for attendees from diverse sociocultural backgrounds.

  • What is the edu-larp mini conference?

    This mini conference will take place directly before the start of Living Games at Northeastern University on Thursday, May 17, 2018 between 9am-3pm. The Role-playing and Simulation Conference is free to the public.

    Please see the Call for Presentations if you would like to participate. We plan to feature a mixture of edu-larp and simulation demos; panels; posters; and paper presentations. We encourage professional practitioners and scholars to submit. Accepted academic papers are due one month before the conference and will be peer reviewed for inclusion in a conference proceeding. The deadline for abstracts is December 15.

  • Will you hold this conference annually in Boston?

    Our hope is to mimic the Nordic larp convention Knutepunkt/Knutpunkt/Knudepunkt/ Solmukohta, which rotates each year between Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. The first Living Games was held in 2014 in Brooklyn. In 2016, we held Living Games in Austin and in 2018 it will be hosted in the Boston area. We’re hoping the next organizing team will hold the conference in another North American city in 2020, and so on.

  • What is your harassment policy?

    Living Games is committed to creating a convention experience where as many people as possible can feel safe and free from harassment. Our conference will adhere to a strict Code of Conduct in order to provide as safe of a space as possible for our attendees. Living Games can deny admission to the conference to any attendee at its discretion.

    Please see the Code of Conduct and Guidelines for Encouraged Behavior for more information.

    If you have a concern about a specific attendee or a question about our Code of Conduct before Living Games 2018, please contact the Safety Committee at Please note that the Safety Committee is separate from the main organizing group, so direct all concerns to this email address. The only people who have access to this email address are Sarah Lynne Bowman, John Stravopoulos, Alex Roberts, and Maury Brown.

  • What is the schedule for A Week in Boston?

    The schedule for A Week is still being planned, but has activities ranging from Saturday May 12th to Wednesday May 16th that include trips, larps, talks and dinners. The schedule is listed in the A Week master document and is constantly evolving as further details are being added. Please refer to the A Week schedule section for more information and check back frequently.

  • When is the cutoff date for registration refunds?

    The cutoff date for registration refunds is April 17. We have budgeted the food and other necessities of the conference based upon our number of registrations. We are not able to refund tickets any closer to the event than this date.


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