Community Programming 2018

This page features slides, video, and photographic documentation from the Living Games Conference in Boston, MA, from May 17-20, 2018. Living Games is devoted to the academic and practical study of larp in all its forms.

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FRIDAY, May 18, 2018

Community Roundtable 1: Building Better Campaign Boffer Larp Communities

Moderated by: Diana Shippey Leonard


FeaturingSamara Hayley Steele, Kris Kitts, Jeramy Merritt

* * *

Community Roundtable 2: Ladies Leading Locovore Larp Communities

Moderated by: Tara Halwes


Featuring: Kate Hill, Lizzie Stark, and Liz Gorinsky


* * *

Community Roundtable 3: Preserving Game Design History: a Call to Action

Moderated by: Jason Morningstar


Featuring: Kate Freedman, Jason Cox, Kate Hill, and Rebecca Slitt


* * *

SATURDAY, May 19, 2018

Community Roundtable 4: Consent and Safety in Larp Communities

Moderated by: Alex Roberts


Featuring: Russell Murdock, Dave Kapell, Brodie Atwater, Alex Rowland, Casey Hardy, and Steve Vig


* * *

Community Roundtable 5: Larping While Queer

Moderated by:  Jonaya Kemper


Featuring: Susan Weiner, Morgan Nuncio, Sharang Biswas, Kit Bissonette


* * *

Community Roundtable 6: Handling Community Crisis and Harm

Moderated by: Kate Hill


Featuring: Kevin Hardy, Casey Hardy, Nathan Black, Dave Kapell, and Maury Brown


Note: No video footage was found on the final hard drives for this panel.


* * *

Community Roundtable 7: Playing at Being Ourselves: Nonbinariness and Gender in Larp


Featuring: Lee Foxworthy, Susan Weiner, Ben “Books” Schwartz, Kim Sward, Kit Bissonette


* * *

Community Roundtable 8: Role-playing Games Discourses over Time

Moderated by: Evan Torner


Featuring: Ross Cheung, Vincent Baker, William J. White, Meguey Baker, and Johanna Koljonen

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