May 19-22, 2016

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Austin, Texas

Holiday Inn Midtown

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Welcome to Living Games - Austin 2016!

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Imagine Nation Collective LLC

Living Games is a conference devoted to discussing all aspects of live action role-playing (larp) theory and practice: from keynotes to panels, from workshops to play. We invite all interested parties to attend, including academics, game designers, organizers, and enthusiasts.

The first Living Games Conference transpired in 2014 at the NYU Game Center in the Tisch School of Arts. Expanding upon this successful precedent by adding more content and social activities, the second iteration of Living Games will take place in Austin, Texas from May 19-22, 2016. We plan to hold future Living Games Conferences annually at different locations across North America.

Our aim is to create a space for healthy discourse between multiple larp communities within North America and abroad. Living Games is a place for boffer larpers to collaborate with freeform role-players, for theatre style players to exchange ideas with simulation experts. We especially hope to encourage dialogue between theorists and practitioners who wish to advocate for larp and innovate the form.

Finally, we wish to make Living Games a conference where new larpers feel welcome asking questions, sharing their excitement, and inspiring one another to create new projects. Even if your primary experience is tabletop role-playing, come share your ideas with larpers. Enjoy thought-provoking lectures, experimental workshops, and exciting social events.

Learn. Share. Grow. Larp.

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